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So you know where you’re going, but you aren’t sure what to do there? Or maybe you’re not sure where to eat or how to get around? Instead of spending hours looking up what attractions not to miss, where to find the best local food, and how to get from the airport to your hotel, leave the planning to me so all you have to do is get there and enjoy your destination!

How Taylorised Travel planning works:

Step #1) You complete the Travel Planning Questionnaire with your hopes & expectations for your trip

Step #2) I will then ask follow up questions to ensure I have a good idea what your priorities and preferred activities are

Step #3) I create a Google Sheet with all of my personalized recommendations for your trip… including:

  • recommended flight itinerary, airline, & pricing
  • recommended public transport connections between major cities in your destination (trains, buses, shuttles, taxis)
  • hotel, hostel, AirbnB, or bed & breakfast recommendations, depending upon your stated preferences & trip budget
  • 3-5 recommended activities for each day of your trip, including links to the relevant webpages for more information & advice about which activities need to be booked in advance
  • A curated list of 3-5 articles to read about your destination city(ies) before you go
  • Constant support and assistance with your pre-trip logistics. I am always available to answer your planning questions via email, Facebook, or WhatsApp

Step #4) You save yourself several hours and know you are getting the best prices and deals for your trip. I do the research to make sure you will enjoy your vacation and do so within your budget. I help you to take the stress out of vacation planning so that you have more time and money to enjoy your trip!


For domestic trips, I recommend completing the trip planning process between 2 – 4
months before your trip date.

For international trips, I recommend completing the trip planning process between 4 – 8 months before your trip date.

Trip Planning Pricing:
$50 for trips lasting 5 days or less
+ $10 per day for each additional day over 5


Want more details?? Contact Me for a custom quote.