Traveling is a part of my DNA, it is a part of what makes me uniquely me. From a young age I have wanted to see, discover, and personally encounter places and cultures different from my own. My early adventures in Mexico led me to create a PowerPoint presentation to convince my parents to give me permission to travel to Botswana at age 15. And that did it – I was completely hooked.

Permanently fascinated by all things “other” – and continuously seeking out new adventures, I have now traveled to 36 countries and more than 30 US States.

I decide to launch a travel planning business after many friends and family members consulted me for advice on their travels in the US and Europe.

My mission is simple – to help my clients manage the logistics and time consuming pre-trip research – so that they can focus on enjoying their precious vacation time.

I do the nitty-gritty logistical work so that you don’t have to. And I do it for a price that can’t be beat. Not to mention the savings you’ll enjoy thanks to my price comparisons for things like plane tickets, train tickets and bus tickets; as well as the links to pre book skip the line passes in advance for the attractions you can’t miss.

So if you’re planning a trip to somewhere new this year, I’m your girl. I offer trip planning for $50 for trips lasting 5 days or less + $10┬áper day for each additional day over 5. For more info about what’s included, please visit my Pricing Info page!

I’m looking forward to helping you organize a trip you’ll truly love. Because for me, the only thing which is almost as good as traveling is travel planning!

Happy to be traveling.. on the Charles Bridge in Prague!