10 Photos That Will Convince You to Visit Keukenhof

Welcome to the Disneyland of flowers! 

Keukenhof is a seasonal garden (only open on specific dates from March till May). 

It is located one hour away from Amsterdam by bus. 

Keukenhof is most famous for the thousands upon thousands of gorgeous tulips in a wide range of colors. 

But you can also find other interesting flowers there. 

They even have a pond with floating wooden lily pads. 

There are also pieces of art and sculpture scattered throughout the gardens. 

As well as an indoor greenhouse which has a mind boggling variety of flowers.

Basically everywhere you look, it’s hard to believe that the gardens are real.

Because the landscaping is so perfect, you feel like you’ve entered a fairytale world. 

You can easily spend several hours exploring, admiring, and taking photos! 

So what are you waiting for?

Let me help you plan your trip to Keukenhof & the Netherlands for next spring!

I offer travel planning logistics assistance starting at just $50… Contact me on Facebook for more info! 


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