The Top 5 Reasons to Visit the Dead Sea

Swimming in the Dead Sea was a bucket list item for me. I was eagerly anticipating the experience for quite some time and the uniqueness of floating without even trying did not disappoint! If you’re considering a trip to Israel and the Dead Sea, here’s the top 5 highlights you can expect:

1.) The floating! Yes, you really do float with absolutely zero effort. Which is a really cool sensation and once in a lifetime experience.

dead sea 2

2.) Like a visit to the spa! Spas worldwide use minerals and mud masks from the Dead Sea. When you visit, you can give yourself a total body mud mask/ wrap for free. Apply the wet mud, wait 15 to 20 minutes for it to harden in the sun, then rinse it off. It left my skin feeling so smooth!

dead sea 4

3.) No crazy spring break crowds. Of course, I can’t speak to the crowds you might encounter during the summer because I was there in March… but compared to most spring break beach destinations… there was very few people on the beach & in the water, making it much more enjoyable than a people packed beach.

dead sea 3

4.) The people watching. It was so great to watch new people arrive to the beach and get into the water for the first time. The looks on everyone’s faces were so happy and thrilled to be there having such a unique experience. The positivity and joy of strangers in a strange place trying a strange thing for the first time was energizing.

dead sea 5

5.) The surrounding area. The Dead Sea is a super cool experience, but if you are going to travel all the way to Israel, you’ll have plenty to do and see in the surrounding area. Our visit to the Dead Sea was combined with hiking at the Masada Fortress and the En Gedi oasis, both interesting and unique places in totality different ways.

dead sea 1


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