Taylorised Travel Trip Questionnaire

Please indicate your answer for each question, selecting as many answer choices as you’d like… but make sure to be as honest as possible so that I can help to plan the perfect itinerary, personalized for you! 

Destination city, region, country: _______________________________

Travel dates: _______________________

Total budget: _______________________

Section 1: Activity/ Sightseeing/ Museum Preferences 

  1. Do you enjoy visiting museums? If no, skip to question #2, if yes, please specify: which if the following types of museums do you enjoy? Please select all that apply. 
  • Museums about history, culture, & traditions 
  • Museums with art older than 1800
  • Museums with art dated 1800 to the present day 
  • Museums with photography 
  • Museums about life/ traditions in your destination 

2. Do you enjoy being active while on vacation? If no, skip to question #3, if yes, please specify: which of the following types of active tourism do you enjoy? 

  • Cycling 
  • Walking 
  • Hiking 
  • Swimming/ water sports such as kayaking
  • Yoga 
  • Fitness studio classes like Pilates or barre 
  • Skiing/ other winter sports 

3. Do you enjoy seeing important landmarks while on vacation? If no, skip to question #4, if yes, please specify: 

  • Historic castles or palaces 
  • Important government buildings 
  • Modern architectural highlights 
  • Places where important historical events happened 

4. Which of the following most resonates with the purpose of your trip?

  • Relaxing and unwinding 
  • Exploring history of the region 
  • Eating and drinking local specialties 
  • Being outside and moving as much as possible 
  • Exploring the local art and creativity scene; museums, boutiques, markets 

Section 2: Food/ Drink/ Nightlife Preferences 

  1. How important is what you eat while on vacation? 
  • Not at all important, I’m fine with street food and sandwiches. 
  • Mildly important, I’d like to sample a few local dishes. 
  • Important, I want to try local dishes and dine at a well known restaurant. 
  • Extremely important, eating well is an essential part of my ideal vacation 

2. How important is drinking/ trying local alcohol or bars while on vacation? 

  • Not at all important. I’m going to order a Coca Cola anyways. 
  • Mildly important, I would like to try 1 or 2 local drinks of choice. 
  • Important, I want to check out a local craft brewery and sample the local after dinner drink. 
  • Extremely important. When in Italy, drink Chianti. When in Russia, drink vodka. When in Germany, drink beer. I sample all of the local beverages.

3. How important is going out/ clubbing while on vacation? 

  • Not at all important. I’m in bed by 11.
  • Mildly important, I would like to visit a speakeasy or specialty cocktail bar.
  • Important, I want to check out a cocktail bar and a club to dance for a few hours.
  • Extremely important. I live for the night time and would like to go dancing in as many local clubs as possible. 

Section 3: Transportation Preferences 

  1. How comfortable are you with navigating public transportation? (Metro, bus, tram)
  • Not at all. I’ve only been on a metro three times in my whole life. 
  • Nervous, but ok. I’ve done it a few time before, I can figure it out. 
  • Confident, it won’t be a problem.
  • I won’t be using an public transport if I can avoid it! 

2. Are you interested in renting a car for your vacation?

  • No way, I don’t want the extra stress.
  • Maybe, it’s a possibility if it would allow me to get to places otherwise not possible.
  • Definitely, I love the flexibility and control of having a car.

3. How much time would you prefer to spend on transportation during your vacation? (This includes transport from one attraction to another, for day trips in other towns, etc) 

  • None at all. Preferably 30 minutes to 1 hour per day, I do enough commuting at home. 
  • A medium amount. No more than 2 hours per day. 
  • As much as necessary in order to see everything I’m interested in. 

Section 4: Accommodation Preferences  

  1. What kind of accommodation do you prefer? 
  • Hotels, the higher the star rating within my budget, the better.
  • Bed and breakfasts with local, personable owners I can talk to.
  • Airbnb s so I can stay in an apartment like a local. 
  • Hostels, to keep costs low and to meet other travelers. 

2. What’s the most important feature of your accommodation? 

  • The location. Preferably central, within easy access of most major sites. 
  • Privacy and quiet. It should feel like a sanctuary for relaxation. 
  • The social life. Will I meet other cool people there? Is there a bar onsite?
  • The cleanliness. I can’t relax with a dirty duvet. 


Is there anything else you can think of that would make your trip way more awesome?

What about anything you think could potentially ruin your trip? 

Please list here your current “must-sees” or “must-visits” in your destination, if known: 

Please allow 1 full week for processing this form, after which I will send a detailed destination-specific questionnaire in order to finalize your itinerary with your preferences. Once you have completed the destination-specific questionnaire, I will send my suggested itinerary for your chosen destination and travel preferences within 1 week. 


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