Why Everyone Falls in Love with Trastevere

The neighborhood of Trastevere lies in Rome on the far side of the Tiber. Once a well kept local secret, the narrow cobblestoned streets near the river are hidden no more. Many tourists know that they will be rewarded with some of the best restaurants in Rome when venturing to Trastevere. But spend 10 minutes walking up the Viale Trastevere away from the river, and it is still possible to discover a more local feel. I spent a summer living in this area near the Trastevere railway station. In this post, I share some of my favorite images and memories of living in this magical neighborhood. Mostly, there is a lot of amazing food. And also some beautiful palaces with fabulous art. If you’re thinking of traveling to Rome this year, make Trastevere a must see, if not your home base for exploring the Eternal City. Here’s just a few things you can look forward to.


The Ponte Sisto, the gateway across the Tiber to Rione Trastevere
The ambiance in the evenings along the cobblestones streets with hanging vines is simply magical
Painted ceiling at Villa Farnesina
Pizza by the slice at La Renella… Zucchini flowers ❤ ❤
Grilled octopus at Luppulo Station 
A typical street in Trastevere during the day
Delectable sweets at Sicilia e Duce
Looking over the Tiber Summer Festival at night
Tiber during the day
Pizza and vino at Ai Marmi
Seafood Pasta at Osteria La Gensola
Paintings in Palazzo Corsini
Aperitivo at Freni e Frizoni 
Rotating craft beer selection at Luppulo Station
Burgers at Burger Factory
Shop dogs in the streets
Deuce dog in front of Fonte della Salute gelato shop
Scalera Ugo Bassi leading to the Montverde neighborhood
Cocktails at Baylon Cafe
Amazing beef with walnuts at L’Orange
Fatamorgana naturally flavored gelato


Chocolate shots at Cioccolata e Vino

So there’s a quick snapshot of what’s cooking in Trastevere. For full blog posts about some of these fabulous eateries, follow the FOOD links below. And if you are thinking about Rome this year, check out my sample 4 day Rome itinerary here:


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FOOD links:

reviews from my travel blog!

Baylon Cafe

Luppulo Station

Osteria La Gensola


Palazzo Corsini





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